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Amazing Scars & Stripes Treatment


As many of you are aware, I travel the globe in pursuit of the latest at medical conferences and international shows.

On my last trip to the “International Beauty and Anti Age Show” in Las Vegas, I found some great ideas on how to treat scars!! Which scars? Any type – fresh and old!

So I’ve put together a revolutionary treatment, which I’ve named after Beaute Pacifies award winning product, “scars & stripes treatment”

Which scars can you get treated? Virtually any, as long as the skins healed over and not seeping, but the more recent the better.

I’m having exceptional results with stretch marks, some keloid scars, post tattoo removal scarring, post cesarian section scars, any cosmetic surgery scars and brilliant for clients who have had skin cancers or skin tags removed.

Acne scars I’ve treated well too.

Virtually any scar can be treated with my new ‘scars & stripes treatment’.